A day in Montpellier

Sometimes, a photo or comment in one of my notebooks will remind me of what happened exactly a year ago to the day. 
Sometimes, I think, I will do "photo diaries" of exactly a year back. Or two years. Or whatever. 
Tonight, I bring you ...
A Year Ago Today: A Day in Montpellier.

 (This was, by the way, "Cotton Eyed Joe". Yes. There are many events and festivals during the summer and this one was apparently an American themed one, complete with sparkly cowboy hats, American heirloom tomatoes on display, and smoothies.)
 A broken 1 euro shop corkscrew...

Fun Fact: This night was wild and lots of fun, and during our boisterous walk home, Lisa somehow ended up behind the counter at a kebab shop, learning how to make the the warm, fluffy bread on a hot stone.