a weekend in new york city

Guys. If you knew how many posts I began and then never got around to finishing...
So, I have been incredibly busy planning... I'm leaving Boston in four months (from tomorrow!)  and then the country in five...and I don't know when I'll be back! I just (FINALLY) got my Australian visa granted, the first leg of my flight out there is booked, and I'm just halfway to my financial goal so the ball is really rolling now...
It's so exciting, but I feel like all I do is work, look at flights, stress about money and...
go on random weekend trips!
taaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:

A weekend in New York City!

Taco truck in Astoria.  We had this quesadilla type thing that BLEW MY MIND. The dough was made with corn, and it was thick and fluffy and both sweet and savory.  Inside was queso fresco, carne asado, salsa verde and vegetables. 
(Bottom row, second to right)
It was one of the best things i've ever eaten. It was so spicy that my nose was running.
Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.
Fantastic food market held on weekends in Williamsburg. 
It's a part of Brooklyn Flea, which is also great fun.
We ate:
Teriyaki balls!
Apparently, this is a take of Japanese street food.
Essentially, it's a pancake-type batter cooked in a cast-iron skillet with 
lots of holes in it (sort of like a big metal egg carton.)
The batter is poured in, and then filled with a bit of meat.
Once cooked, they're topped with 
almonds, mayo, panko and teriyaki sauce.
Sounds like a bit of an odd combo, and I guess it was, but it was
so good.
I didn't want it to be over. 
Brown butter and bacon ice cream sandwiched between two cookies?
Only in New York. Which is probably for the best, for my sake.
Chelsea market.
I'd never been before!
I love bakeries.

More soon. It's hard to post recipes when all I eat these days is bread
and cheese, or tomatoes, corn and avocado mixed together.
But I have some ideas. A recipe soon.

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